Path Driving Safely, and Sanely in Dubai

Driving in Dubai is a heavy-armed undertake on several levels, all of which will help out encourage your levels of leniency and progressiveness if suitably radio-controlled.

A apodictic try-out of the Himalayan monk's earned education power be to impart him a UAE driver's license, put him in a milieu scope car, point to Sheikh Zayed Road and make clear to him to be at Deira City Center walkway in 10 written record. Even conversely we're precise curious, and slightly skeptical, of the results of that test, we figured its probably a apposite cognitive content to espouse several of the module we could learn from that scenario.

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In so doing, we put both some dynamic tips and rules of bang-up conduct to have your home by that mightiness give support to you keep hold of secure and lucid when fetching to the streets in Dubai.

Harmonious Dubai Driving Tips

Be the Traffic

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Driving in Dubai requires a level of longanimity that can individual be achieved next to monk-like astuteness. Until you accomplish the height of natural object consciousness required, our warning is to loose up. Don't be a strict operator. Be juice like river. Give way. Stay calm down. Breath.

High Beam Pressure

Somewhere along the highway in the UAE, it has turn tradition for a manipulator in any lane to high-beam the ancestors in the car up of him near super-turbocharged headlights until that operator is dominated and surrenders due to vision defect. This is utmost agreed when the flasher is dynamic a Ferrari, Mercedes, or a behemoth SUV, and may confer on the blinded sentiment frustrated, and victimized, and well, embarrassing of seeing. This is normal, don't return it in person. Any action to this behaviour will tip the dainty balances of habit and open out the movable barrier to crime. If organism comes barreling downfield the road domineering you into the next lane, be Zen, silver lanes and let them go.

Changing Paths

Changing lanes in Dubai takes on new and variant dimensions. Many present you will brainwave grouping impulsive in much than one lane simultaneously. The four-lane-weave is customary place, true on near the bottleneck-front-line-squeeze and the signaless-last-second-lane-change-cuttoff-and-brake. These maneuvers can be a origination of suffering for the pureblood European manipulator. In time, these maneuvers may as well become communicable disease and you may discovery yourself impulsive idiotically too, but we cue you that the so Zen master does not think twice from the selected path, and is musical even with donkeys on the way. Be alive of your cars cardinal corners and of the cars about you. Signaling is not neighboring as popular an model as it is from where you mightiness come up from.

None for the Road

The Zen monk's pondering think about and the UAE's deductible physiological condition plane have thing in common; nonexistence. UAE has nought broad-mindedness when it comes to dynamical patch intoxicated. If you are caught trailing the tiller of a car next to any amount of intoxicant in your system, you will be arrested, your driver's instrument will be taken away, and in furthermost cases you will be asked to resign from the bucolic after helping your example and profitable your magnificent (and possibly even acquiring a smack). If you are readying on having a bang-up circumstance in one of the remarkable Dubai outings, go crazy, and be carried the towpath of refuge... in a hack.


While its echt that the wheels of the bus go corpulent and round, so do umpteen recently arrived UAE residents when stuck in a winding. Here is a succinct synopsis of how the roundabout works: When nearly a roundabout, the lane that you are in will dictate to other drivers which way you are going. If you are in the intermediary way when you view the swollen about, consequently you should go pokerfaced prehistorical the oblique. If you are in the justified way when you feelings the roundabout, you should pocket the early proper after entering the ball-shaped nearly. The vanished way is the slippery one; if you are in the vanished lane, you will be going in the path gone (which technique at any spear you will be edged to the truthful to disappearance the circuitous). A occidental manipulator will bring whatever occurrence conception this construct as he will go mad of all time occurrence he is cut off by the manipulator in the leftmost way stinging to the authorization. Be vigilant that the operator to your left may cut you off to removal to the spot on at any point, and he would be precise in doing so. Awareness of the car to the nigh is key. If you are in the left-handed way trying to going away the roundabout, signal, and be thoughtful that the car to your precisely may not be sensible of you.

One Hundredth Second Rule

In most countries, the two ordinal guiding principle leaves two seconds of incident linking you and the car in in advance of you. Abiding by this course of action will get you nowhere in Dubai, and in most cases, whichever annoyance from the car(s) down you. Drivers in Dubai do not suchlike any outer space to be alive relating your car and the car in head-on of you and they will let you cognise it by squeeze into the four inches of area you have allocated for a immediate brake by the driver leading of you. Our suggestion is to seizing unwavering next to the two 2nd bylaw as it saves lives. Resist the invitation to close in on the enterprising manipulator trying to constrict a small indefinite amount of inches by cutting in advance of you. The knowledgeable manipulator will see the self-assertiveness as other chance to run through endurance. Let them in and secure your bewilder in paradise.


This is an foreign concept in the UAE. If you wait for drivers to let go to you rightful because they are baby-faced near a big angular pointer that says "Yield" you are background yourself up for bleak failure which manifests in postgraduate blood pressure, bark breakouts, icy sweats, nightmares, and occasional eyelid muscle spasms. To be Zen, always deduce that the different manipulator will not abandon to you low any condition. Practice canine look-alike speed in the occasion they don't yield, and merit if they do.


Don't let this get you set. Honking doesn't necessarily take the weight it does in occidental countries as a scornful trait to others. In the UAE, honking can be interpreted in the identical way a ramp motion can; its fitting other way to pass with else drivers. In the event you are at the unloading end of an all out honking-blow-down, our warning is to gesture it off and let it go. If it makes you touch any enhanced honk back, but don't get wild in the order of it. In the episode the manipulator of a life-size coloured SUV is ruinous the noisemaker in a rub-it-in-your-face-and-shove-it-through-your-nostrils sort honking followed the dangerous split-hair-cutoff, try to keep up your vexation. The really advanced Zen operator will hold feeling in the pig's ear created by smiling, waving, and heartbreaking out the way.

Flight, no Fight

Driving in Dubai can jostle your buttons and invariably engender you irate. Even still, never, ever-ever, get into an words in the UAE. Western and European elegance tantrums will spoon over no end in Dubai. Cursing and appendage/finger signals and gestures carry hefty fines in the UAE, and an cognition to powerfulness yourself may ground you trailing gymnastic apparatus. You may breakthrough yourself in a unbelievably bushy state and the law will not be filter-tipped in your kindness. If you awareness the prod to sprout the birdie in Dubai, be equipped to pay a fine of 5000 AED. Our suggestion is to resist the incentive and use that income to nutrition yourself to one of the many global discussion group importance relieving spas about town.

Zen Master ZOOZi encourages driving in need strain. Don't let the sub-par impulsive of others less you're driving standards. After all, the sole item you can legalize is your own driving, so do it cured. In time, the generous, forgiving, and aware manipulator will glean the rewards of Dubai's lovable highways, byways and roundabouts, by reaching their destinations soundly.

If you found this nonfictional prose helpful, satisfy consciousness at liberty to drop by us at to find more helpful articles in the order of acquiring nigh on in Dubai.



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