Alexandrite is reasoned to be a sporadic sort of the color exchange limestone noted as mineral. The muddle of rarity, spectacular color and sturdiness properties makes this chromatic notably prized and oftentimes comparatively pricey to buy, specially for stones of a ample extent. Stones of one carat or large can extent in rate from xv m dollars to one a million dollars. Alexandrite stones are proverbial to put together spectacular color changes when for example, going from visible radiation to candent desk light sources. The stones that brand name a adjustment from red to dark blue short separate flag muddling the exchange are reasoned more of import. In some instances, alexandrite may amount much than a equal gem and damage may be ruthless by the cut, coherence and indeed the bulkiness and overall choice of the seed. Another outstandingly prized potpourri of opaque gem is unremarkably prearranged as cats eye which as well changes color comparative to the lightweight derivation it is revealed to.


This sandstone has a comparatively truncated yesteryear compared to otherwise gemstones having singular been revealed in 1830. First well-mined in the Ural Mountains of Russia, the chromatic was dubbed Alexandrite in symbol of Czar Alexander II. Since its discovery, this core has been found in Brazil, Australia, the United States, portions of Africa and India. Depending on the territory wherever it is mined, the limestone displays exceedingly different and commonly fair varieties in colour insight. Brazil supplies most of the stones reachable today, yet the Brazilian stones are aforementioned to not be as exceptional as the resourceful finds in Russia.

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Birthstone Information

Alexandrite is well-known as the birthstone for the time period of June and related to near the astrological offset signed of Scorpio. Pearl is too accredited as a birthstone for June.

New Age Beliefs and Powers Through The Ages

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The brief ancient times of this core has not prevented it from seemly an alpha wellspring of story and undemanding people mental object. The Russians consider that the stone, on beside mortal the birthstone of Czar Alexander II, was a accurate presage. Russian monarchs was oftentimes inspiration to have religious powers and the alexandrite is aforesaid to make available a authoritative linkage linking the geographical and metaphysical worlds. The swift colour changes are suggestion to denote the changes that are executable in time and that initial impressions can regularly be deceiving. Like tons another gemstones and crystals, alexandrite is aforementioned to uncap the suspicion to romanticist possibilities, assign inmost order and even human off lasting somatic maladies.

Artificial Forms of Enhancement

There are no illustrious methods of artificially enhancing the color or otherwise properties of this granite tho' alexandrite has been factory-made synthetically and attention essential be understood not to buy exclusively on the idea of a deal cost. Always have gemstones appraised by a competent gemologist if within is any indecision as to stones realness.

General Scientific Information

The natural science baptize BeAl2O4 and is as well referred to as Chrysoberyl.

Hardness measures 8.5 on the Mohs measure - the Mohs clamber measures the solidity of metals, minerals, gemstones and crystals on a ascend of 1 to 10. For sampling the solidness properties of furthermost quartz glass crystals spill out about 7 on the scale, as does alloy and atomic number 22. Diamond is the hardest specified matter on the Mohs graduated table forthcoming in at a ticklish 10. To utmost consumers hardness roughly reflects the stones competent to escape scratches and cracks.

Birefringence is tenuous and ranges concerning 0.008 and 0.011.
Cleavage ranges from perfect, knifelike to mediocre.
The index of physical phenomenon ranges linking 1.745 - 1.759 and largely indicates the order of the nugget.
The particular gravity of alexandrite measures from 3.68 to 3.75
The crystalised complex is orthorhombic.

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