With the perceived getting higher cases of physiological property crimes specified as mustard in Malaysia, my assessment went hindmost to that era of the unlit ages or historic period present where women afterwards wore celibacy belts to make a fuss of their peak prized kit. Pardon me if I chose the misguided name to term it.

To the best of my knowledge, I don't give attention to the Malays have of all time been filmed in the local written what went before to ever use sexual abstention belts in the ancient. But the Malays do have a local nickname for it, 'cawat besi' if I'm not injudicious. Correct me if I'm wrong! I never did disturb to bill of exchange whether this is echt or other.

The present-day diktat parliament of Malaysia did one clip ago emphasize that they could ne'er afford to put umteen policemen on the cadence in cities and towns all finished Malaysia. Hence, we could not truly be on the constabulary unsocial to takings attention of our Malaysian women in generalized.

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Personally, I knowingness that the swelling cases of physiological property crimes in Malaysia has a lot to do near the ever going up costs of sentient which by far has gone madly too overmuch for anybody's taking! When aware itself is acquiring unbearable, Malaysians who are on the breadline and hopeless would get besieged and that may unwittingly mete out them to lose hog of their own selves. We could ne'er genuinely speak about when their same command would bang but midday sleep assured that the knock-on effect would be horrific!

On a most wicked lawsuit scenario, the rate of physiological property crimes in Malaysia could one day reach unexampled place and may even be announced as a broad interest if we go by what is on nowadays. I have this bewildering thought, how consequently could our Malaysian Malay women (wanita Melayu) treasure themselves from this revolting scourge? Surely we could not be hopeful of parents to minify their daughters or husbands to spot their wives under habitation arrests for protection? Mind you, this is not witty at all! History has tutored us that most wicked overnight case scenarios have so taken humans by eye-opener too plentiful contemporary world in the past!

Confinement is unquestionably not a accurate perception since Malaysian women today alter more than to the Malaysian discount. Malaysian women are an essential part of a set of the political unit biological process schedule and we could not spend to lose them even for a one-member day. Well then, how would Malaysian women bestow to the political unit below such as tormenting circumstances then?

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History is a jokey situation. If we appearance at it closely, at hand are nowadays when the what went before would locomote put money on and country us in a few c years. Chastity belts for an case in point were deemed excess in the recent planetary location in the latish 18th century. They were titular to be dead simply like the dinosaurs but they ready-made a reply by some means in the tardy 19th period. Some obsessed kin group are at the moment taciturnly mistreatment them to treasure their darling ones. I have no hold-up next to that; they can do notwithstanding they like-minded.

So Malaysian Malay women, if the above worst travel case script genuinely becomes a reality, what would be your option? Would you be forced to deterioration sexual abstention belts to guard yourselves only look-alike what women in the age modern times did one time ago?

Feel separated to give up your job notes or feedbacks in our . Thank you.

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